An intuitive and easy-to-use platform for students and teachers

ART2BIT has been developed taking into account the needs of the teacher, facilitating work by competencies and allowing an evaluation method without knowledge of robotics or digital skills. An intuitive, guided and easy-to-use support to promote an ideal environment in the classroom.

"Es un proyecto abierto, que invita a manipular, a tocar, al descubrimiento y a ser creativos"

Ferran Viñas Maestro de Primária especialista en TIC

The platform is compatible with PC, Mac, Chromebook, Android and iOS digital tablets. We recommend using Chrome as a browser.

No, it is not. The activities can be carried out with only one device per kit and group of students. In some contexts or activities, having a second device, specifically for programming, can facilitate and help all members of the group to be more active.

We have created a friendly and personalized logins so that your students can access safely from an easy-to-remember login. It is not necessary for students to have an email address to use the platform.

You will be able to create groups manually, randomly or even recover the groups of previous activities, with just a couple of clicks.

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